Showing respect and humility

       A customary bow when entering or leaving the training hall signifies respect for self, the art, and all the good people who have practiced before us. The formal bow (rei) varies according to the system that is being practiced. In Bushi-no-Nasake we practice two different bows.

       The bow at the begining and ending of each class session signifies respect for  instructors past and present; as well as the knowledge that they hold, which has been passed down from their teachers. For this bow we sit in formal seiza position.

       During class, whenever a formal show of respect  is required (acknowledging an instructor, during partner work, leaving the dojo) we form a circle with the arms. The circle represents the the universe. A circle has no beginning or end. It is a perfect shape. Though our training we  strive for perfection. The right hand is clenched (signifying battle readiness). It is  brought to the chest meaning heart felt respect, for self and others. It has been said, "True martial arts begins and ends with respect." Therfore it is commonplace to include sir, madam, or miss with each response. Instructors are normally addressed as Sensei.

       Refain from foolish horesplay. It is distracting and may be dangerous. Advanced students are allowed to handle implements (weapons) and spar at will. All others permission is REQUIRED.