Guideline for Disciples of Martial Arts
collected wisdoms
  • Ki training is the path to becoming one with the universe. Coordinating the body and the mind is your first goal.
  • By helping one another learn the correct techniques you also will progress.
  • Do not criticize any of the martial arts: The mountain does not laugh at the river because it is lowly, nor does the river ill of the mountain because it cannot move about. Speak ill of others and it will surely come back to you.
  • The martial arts begins and ends wuith courtesy, not in form alone, but in the heart and mind as well. Respect the teacher who teaches you and do not cease to be grateful, especially to the founder who shows the way.
  • Be warned of conceit. Conceit not only halts your progress; it causes you to lose respect from those around you.
  • Cultivate the calm mind. This comes from making the universe a part of the body. you must know that it is a shame to be narrow minded.
  • Do not dispute others to defend your views. Judge calmly what is right and wrong. If you are convinced that you are wrong, make amends. If a person is in error, quietly explain to him the wisdom and the truth, and strive to make him understand.
  • If you meet one who is your superior, joyfully accept their teachings.
  • Treat people with respect and you will be respected. Make light of them of them and they will make light of you. Respect their personality and listen to their views and they will gladly follow you.
  • Do not become angry! If you become angry it shows that your mind has wandered. Do not become angry on your own account. Know that those who are easily angered lose courage at important moments.
  • In practicing, do not show your strength without good purpose or you will awaken resistance in their minds of those who are watching you. Words alone cannot explain, sometimes by being the one thrown you can teach more effectively.
  • Do whatever you do with conviction. We have nothing to be doubtful about or to fear. If you have an easy conscience, then you will be able to face anyone.