The Way in Training


There are 3 ways to walk this "Sacred Path," as the:

Student:  Comes to training.

Disciple:  Goes to training.

Master:  Trains by coming and going.

    • The training is a important part of the student's current life.
    • The training is an important part of the disciple's future life.
    • The trainig is the life of a master.

The student may not train if not feeling well.

The disciple may not go without training even if not feeling well.

The master does not feel well when going without training.

There are limits to our physical bodies. The limits of the mind are

                infinite. The body follows the mind.

Don't under or over estimate our or anyone's abilities.

  • Expect the unexpected.

     Knowledge is power. Using power for good purpose will bring happiness and success.

     Think and speak positively. Can't is almost a foul word in the dojo. With persistance and patience most anything can be accomplished.

     As we gain power of the body, mind and spirit most of us obtain "Authentic presence". This means if we say something people will accept it as fact of truth. When we tell someone that they are able to do anything, they will believe that they can do it. Therfore we must be careful how e wield our powers.

  • Karate-do is not about testing, it is about techniques.
  • Karate-do is not about promotion, it is about learning about oneself.
  • Karate-do is not about color belts,it is about mental and spiritual growth.


     Karate training is based on strong sense of disciple, a factor that limits the number of students who will ever achieve high proficiency. This training soon eliminates certain types of people who dislike hard work, dedication, and competition.